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Hollis Lloyd


Hollis Lloyd founded HGL Construction, Inc. in 1994 after serving as Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force. He was also an outstanding broker in the real estate industry where he was appointed Chairman of the Real Estate Commission of Oklahoma in 1991 and again in 1994. Mr. Lloyd advised on several committees for private, residential, and commercial projects. With his extensive knowledge of real estate, he saw an opportunity in construction which led to the creation of HGL Construction.

Chris Shawver

Director of Operations - Arkansas

Chris Shawver has been with HGL Construction since 1997. Prior to his appointment as Operations Manager, he executed the roles of Quality Control Manager, Project Manager, Carpenter, Foreman, Superintendent and General Superintendent. Mr. Shawver has been exposed to a variety of construction delivery systems during his career including SABER and MACC contracts. He has advanced with each project ensuring the clients receive the highest quality. Before joining HGL Construction, Mr. Shawver served honorably with the USAF and the Oklahoma Air National Guard where he achieved the rank of Master Sergeant.


Patrick Renshaw

Vice President and Director of Operations - Oklahoma

Patrick Renshaw has significant recent experience in managing multi-million dollar MATOCs, MACCs, and SATOCs for the USACE and Air Force. His broad experience includes design-build new construction, civil, renovation, airfield, and infrastructure projects concurrently performed within the Southwest Division of USACE Tulsa District. As Vice President, Mr. Renshaw has direct responsibility for contract execution and overall management. As a senior-level manager, he oversees the project management team, mentors project managers, develops customer relations, reports on budgets and job costs, oversees planning and scheduling, and oversees estimates and proposals.

Shannon Waken

Director of Business

Shannon Waken joined HGL Construction in 2009.  Prior to coming aboard, Shannon, a CPA, was in private practice for ten years and obtained her MBA from the University of Oklahoma.  She is responsible for upholding strong financial management and accountability while maintaining a financial portfolio of over 20 million dollars. She has a strong commitment to integrity and additionally oversees human resources, insurance, surety bonds, and corporate and government compliance.  She has been extremely instrumental and pivotal in strategizing the company’s economic development, resulting in the overall growth and success of the company.

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