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Safety Procedures


Each assigned SSHO develops policies and implements all project specific safety programs and training. Planned safety activities for each project include administrative requirements, training, construction planning, and scheduled and unscheduled inspections. Administrative requirements include notifications, specific registration, permitting, certification, record keeping, and workplace postings. Documents maintained at each job site include Safety, Injury, Illness and APP; Code of Safe Practices; Federal/State OSHA required permits and certifications; Respiratory Protection Program; Fall Protection Plan, and project-specific AHAs. 


Awareness of potential health and safety hazards, as well as knowledge of how to control such hazards, is critical to maintaining a safe and healthful work environment while preventing injuries, illnesses and accidents. Training will be provided to individuals as follows:

  • Upon employment on the project


  • Whenever given a new job assignment for which training has not been previously provided


  • Whenever new substances, processes, procedures, or equipment that represent a new hazard are introduced into the workplace


  • Through regularly scheduled weekly and monthly safety meetings. 

Safety Meetings & Health Inspections



Safety meetings are conducted monthly by our Project Manager and weekly by Superintendents and foremen to review past activities, plans for new or changed operations, reviewing AHAs, establishing safe working procedures for anticipated hazards, and providing training. 


Include periodic scheduled and unscheduled inspections. We conduct formal safety inspections and audits twice yearly to include inspection for hazards related to office, shop, vehicles, equipment, and field work. 

Our safety culture is fostered and maintained on each project through induction at the beginning of the project and each definable feature of work; weekly toolbox meetings on general safety awareness, site hazards and risks; and performance, reporting and compliance incentives.


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