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VA MRI Site Prep

Quick Facts
Muskogee, Oklahoma

Department of Veterans Affairs

Spur Design

HGL Construction served as the prime contractor for this design-bid-build project at Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center. This project required the removal of existing structures. Prior to the start of construction, HGL performed a topographic survey and prepared a survey map to include proximity to nearby highways or major street intersections, flood zone designation, and other general property data information.


Major scopes of work include general construction, alterations, walks, grading, drainage, mechanical, electrical and utility systems work. The demolition portion of this project consisted of the removal of rocks, walkways, curbs, and on-grade slabs outside of buildings. Dewatering was provided to lower and control groundwater table levels and hydrostatic pressures to permit excavation, backfill, and construction to be performed in the dry. To prepare the site for new construction, HGL performed clearing, grubbing, stripping and soil compaction, including drainage and trench earthwork (utility trenches, sanitary and storm sewer trenches).


Concrete work required formwork installation, reinforcing steel and cast-in-place concrete. In addition, masonry mortaring and grouting were also included with concrete units made to simulate a natural stone appearance (cast stone masonry). Excavation involved shoring, sheeting and bracing, drainage, and trench earthwork (utility trenches, sanitary and storm sewer trenches). During the site preparation, work consisted of clearing, grubbing, removal of trees and shrubs, stripping and topsoil. Other work included underground sanitary sewage utilities, storm drainage utilities, foundation drainage, and flowable fill.


  • Unique construction features of this project include concrete drilled piers, insulated concrete formed exterior walls, and structural insulated panels (SIP panels) for roof construction.  

  • Also included were landscaping, exterior cast stone and masonry, all interior finishes, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection systems.

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