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Our 14-Point Culture

“Company Culture is the product of a company’s values, expectations, and environment.”


Sustaining consistency with long term goals, outperforming the competition, and providing stability to our employees.


Maintaining flexibility incorporating outside influences that affect internal operations through informed management. Deciding slowly but implementing changes rapidly.


Creating a work product where quality is a non issue and inspections are simply protocol. 


Using reliable, competent subcontractors, vendors, and partners while routinely qualifying new ones.


Never becoming content. Always striving to improve through employee input and managerial approachability-No idea is a bad idea.


Preserving our core values (Work Hard, Work Smart, Work Together, Work Safe).


Ensuring that managers are leaders and teachers, and that employees are coachable.


Promoting an environment where everyone’s opinion is sought and valued.


Achieving vertical integration of the entire company as every function is critical to our success.


Setting realistic goals holding management accountable for the system that is implemented.


Executing our basic function with working knowledge of processes and procedures while understanding details at a micro level. 


Standardizing processes that provide the foundation for continuous improvement and employee empowerment.


Putting our clients’ interests first. Protecting our own interest by understanding and distinguishing various delivery methods resulting in added value and new project opportunity. 


Achieving 100% buy-in to culture, sharing responsibility and accountability, and always doing the next right thing: by your faith; your family; and your sustenance.

Our Mission 

Many companies view their mission statements as self-congratulatory slogans. At HGL, we believe ours is imperative. Written via a collaborative effort by our employees, it’s a kind of litmus test for our daily operating culture and core values. It is discussed in meetings and shared throughout the company.

Sticking to our principles rarely means choosing the easiest or cheapest solution. But we are willing and do make hard decisions when we have to. Ultimately, even harder choices can lead to something better - to a climate of greater integrity, innovation, and opportunity for our clients and our associates.

Simply put, we’re on a mission to deliver our best while building to a higher level.

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