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Building 430

Quick Facts
Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas

Department of the Air Force/Air Mobility Command

HGL Construction served as Prime Contractor on this multi-phase interior upgrade/renovation of Building 430 at Little Rock Air Force Base. A key aspect of this Delivery Order project was to design and construct soundproof walls and ceilings, and to install four SDC-rated doors for classified briefing rooms/holding bays and classified storage areas. This project was awarded as part of an ongoing SABER IDIQ Contract with Little Rock AFB. Work was broken up into five distinct phases: Phase I: Secure Briefing Rooms/Holding Bays, Phase II: IRDC/IPR/P&I/IDO/Supt area, Phase III: Mobility Counter, Phase IV: New Mobility Storage Area, and Phase V: Awnings. Work was completed in each phase before commencing the next phase. Significant construction activities for this renovation project included selective demolition, interior and exterior finishes, mechanical, electrical, and general labor. Work within the new mobility storage area consisted of removal/replacement of floors, walls and ceilings. In addition, three large awnings with 15-foot ground clearance were installed at the exterior of the building: 26-foot by 66-foot steel awning on the north end of the west side; and 26-foot by 60-foot awning to the east end and east side of the south wall. Work within the highly secure briefing rooms and holding bays required strict coordination with the government, as the areas are used to house classified systems, classified information processing and classified documents. HGL’s personnel, including subcontractors, submitted security clearances, background checks, badging and, in some areas, required escorts for access.




  • Performance of all activities while maintaining rigid adherence to strict governmental security and privacy standards

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