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Fort Sill Demo

Quick Facts
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

USACE, Tulsa District

Crafton Tull

HGL Construction served as prime contractor on this design-build SB MATOC Task Order with the USACE, Tulsa District, to fully demolish 10 relocatable buildings situated in Fort Sill’s 2800 Area. The relocatable buildings were placed on approximately 5.4 acres, located south of Austin Road between Miner Road and Davidson Road on Fort Sill, Comanche County, Oklahoma. The relocatable buildings, or Training Arbitration Relocation Panel (TRAP) buildings were comprised of eight 2-story barracks buildings, housing 120 soldiers per building for a gross square footage of 12,588 SF per building. The other two relocatable TRAP buildings were comprised of two 2-story Company Operation Facility buildings with a gross square footage of 9,030 SF each. The total square footage of building area demolished was 118,764 SF. HGL responsibly recycled and/or repurposed as much of the system components in these buildings under a Government approved demolition design and workplan. Approximately half of the project site contained paved asphalt parking areas and concrete sidewalks. All asphalt and concrete were removed, including sub-base, and brought back to grade for site restoration. The relocatable buildings are wood construction on a helical pile foundation system. Work also included complete removal of the 400 helical piles buried to depths ranging between 20’ and 40’ deep. Additionally, all underground utilities, including electric, communication, gas, water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer, were cut and capped at their source and completely removed from the site. Building systems that were removed and demolished included electrical, HVAC, communications, suspended ceiling, interior finishes, plumbing, fire protection, fire alarm, mass notification, and lightning protection. Once all the buildings, site features and underground utilities were removed, HGL re-graded the site and placed over 190,000 SF of U-3 Bermuda sod.


This design-build project had an original duration of 286. That duration was modified through Modification 1A to add 14 days to the contract due to a Government delay during the 65% Design Review period. From that 300-day duration, HGL completed the project in 261 calendar days, 39 days ahead of schedule.


  • Self-performed 33%

  • Overcame differing site conditions without cost to the Government or schedule impact

  • Demolished a total of 118,764 SF of building space

  • Recycled 599,160 pounds of metal

  • Removed 400 helical piles from depths ranging between 20’- and 40’-deep

  • Placed 190,000 SF of U-3 Bermuda sod

  • Removed, by hand, over 2,000 hazardous fluorescent light bulbs and safely disposed of prior to demolition activities

  • Completed project 100% safe with 3,828 total manhours

  • Completed the project ahead of schedule – by 39 days  

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