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VA Construct Parking Garage A


Micheal E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Houston, Texas


Department of Veterans Affairs, NCO 16


Guidon Design, Inc.


HGL Construction served as the prime contractor on this design-bid-build new construction of a 4-level, 426-stall precast concrete parking structure at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, Texas. Work included asbestos and lead-based paint abatement within an existing house that was demolished to make room for the new parking structure. Once abatement activities were complete, the existing two-story house was demolished, along with underground gas line and water line, foundation, existing trees and shrubs, a gravel parking area, curbs and gutters, existing pavement, and a portion of an existing iron fence around the perimeter of the site. New construction activities included clearing and grubbing, excavation and stripping of topsoil, backfill and compaction to prepare the site for the garage foundation, cast-in-place concrete footings and foundations, precast concrete erection and installation, electrical systems, new pad-mounted transformer, HVAC units, storm sewer drain piping, elevator installation, lighting, fire protection, fire alarm, video and security surveillance, parking controls, doors and hardware, guardrails and handrails, lightning protection, roofing, and parking lot and pavement striping. The foundation consists of cast-in-place concrete piers, footings and slab-on-grade. The structure above the first level is structural precast concrete panels. Two stairwells (north end and south end) are included and two elevators to reach all four levels. Parking Control devices (gates, card readers, etc.) are provided for one ingress, one egress and one reversible. Site features include sidewalks, ramps, entrance drives, sod and a retention pond.



  • Self-performed 15%

  • Overcame severe rain and Hurricane Harvey flooding

  • 426 parking stalls

  • 4-Level Precast Parking Garage

  • Poured 3,300 cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete

  • New 750kVA transformer installed

  • DDCs on HVAC units

  • Used a 200’-high, 20-ton tracked crane to erect precast concrete panels

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