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Columbarium Expansion and Memorial Wall


National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona 

Phoenix, Arizona


Department of Veteran Affairs, National Cemetery



SmithGroup JJR


HGL Construction served as the prime contractor on this very special Department of Veteran Affairs, National Cemetery Administration, project to construct a 2,826-niche columbarium and memorial wall at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, in Phoenix, Arizona. Work included demolition of existing structures, earthwork, grading, new site drainage, pedestrian paving, precast columbarium structure, steel trellis structure, a precast bridge over a drainage arroyo, landscaping, site and wayfinding signage and irrigation system. Performing this project during summer months in Arizona required HGL to develop a detailed Heat Stress Plan to mitigate risks associated with dry, hot temperatures. HGL’s proactive approach resulted in a 100% safe project. Lastly, as this project was performed within an active VA cemetery, HGL coordinated work activities around scheduled and unscheduled funeral services. HGL ensured that all construction activities ceased during services as to not cause an interruption or inconvenience to the family and visitors attending the service.


  • Self-performed 15%

  • Battled intense desert heat throughout construction

  • Included an ossuary

  • Provided drought-tolerant landscape

  • Covered approximately 5 acres

  • Performed in an active cemetery, requiring breaks from construction during services

  • Utilized a crane to install the precast concrete walls of the structure and the precast concrete bridge

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