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Substation & North Cooling Tower, B-9307

Quick Facts
Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma

Department of the Air Force

SQD Architects & ZRHD Engineering

HGL Construction served as the prime contractor on this design-build industrial waste treatment plant (IWTP) renovation project at Tinker AFB. HGL’s objective was to install new pumps and all associated piping to divert industrial waste to storage tanks and make the new system functional and operational without the use of the existing solid separator tanks. The complete scope of work included mechanical demolition and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment and systems to serve the new IWTP. Mechanical demolition consisted of demolishing, removing and capping off piping from solid separator pumps, groundwater sump pumps, a small sump pump, solid separator tanks, and ancillary components, as well as an industrial waste pipe. Mechanical construction consisted of installing four inline industrial waste pumps; duplex groundwater sump pumps; a light-duty sump pump; and all controls, piping, valves, and devices. HGL installed piping from the existing industrial waste lift station to the existing sanitary sewer line; piping connections in the discharge line; a new manhole on the existing sanitary sewer section and sloped piping from the transfer pump inlet manifold to the new manhole. General construction included concrete housekeeping pads, stairs, and a containment area and curbing for suction trucks at the new manhole. Electrical work included installing conduit and wiring for four new in-line wastewater pumps; a level transmitter; low level and high-level float switches; and audible and visual alarm. 


  • Work required stringent industry safety practices and complete FOD awareness and prevention training 

  • Work was performed on a fast-track design-build schedule

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