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Quick Facts
Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma 

Department of the Air Force 


HGL Construction served as Prime Contractor for this 10,000-SF renovation project, which consisted of constructing two additional rooms for the Child Development Center (CDC) and repairing the existing HVAC system in Building 5510 at Tinker Air Force Base. All major disciplines of construction were required and applied, including architectural, structural, mechanical (plumbing and HVAC), electrical, and general labor. For the HVAC repair, HGL furnished and installed three new air handling units with variable frequency drives (VFDs) in the mechanical rooms, two new fan coil units in the kitchen area, new ductwork and VAV boxes from the air handlers to the individual rooms, and a new chiller, boiler, chilled water pump, hot water pump, and chilled water storage tank. Additionally, HGL brought the CDC in compliance with UFC 4-010-01 AT/FP codes by replacing all doors and windows with black-proof doors and windows and equipped the new HVAC units with an AT/FP-compliant emergency shut-off. Work was completed within an occupied facility, which required strict coordination and detailed planning. HGL developed a phasing and sequencing plan to ensure that construction activities did not impact the CDC. During construction, design criteria for Child Development Centers, UFC- 4-740-14, was updated and revised. Revisions to the UFC code changed the square footage of glass on interior doors for better line of sight, changed the edge profile on all countertops, required additional exhaust fans over the changing tables, required lights in all closets, and it necessitated reconfiguring interior vestibules from one-room areas to two separate rooms to comply with new fire codes and to eliminate “dead-end” space. Revisions also required modification to all millwork, such as easing toddler access to changing tables and installing flush door handles and full-width panic bars. HGL coordinated with the Government and Government-design firm to provide cost estimates, perform constructability reviews, and schedule modifications.


  • Ensured construction activities did not impact children and caregivers

  • Applied buffers to prevent dust and debris from entering occupied areas during demolition and construction

  • Mitigated negative site drainage by excavating and replacing 41 cubic yards of material to restore positive drainage to an adjacent creek and meet 100-year flood requirements

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